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Answer the following question by clicking on the below boxes and selecting the the single best response. The answer that shows is the answer you have selected. You will need to have your copy of the Star Finder in hand to complete this quiz. For 1 point, in the below example, select: Other. When you have completed the quiz click on the above "hand in quiz" button.



  1. Report the constellation of each of the following bright stars. Click the "Visible?" box if you can see the star at 9 p.m. on March 1.
    Star       Constellation    Visible?
  2. Report the bright star that is on the meridian at each of the following times
          Time                  Star
    10 p.m.  August 1     
     9 p.m.  June 15      
    11 p.m.  March 10     
  3. Set your star finder to 9 p.m. on November 10. Which of the following stars is nearest the due east point on the horizon?
  4. Looking due east you watch the bright star Spica rise.
    Does Spica rise: south of due east or north of due east?
    Does Spica rise towards your right hand side or your left hand side?
  5. Looking due north at 9 p.m. you see the below stars above the northern horizon. The approximate date is: