TABLE: Asterisms

Beehive	           Praesepe, open cluster in the center of Cancer
Big Dipper         seven mag=2 stars - UMa
Circlet            head of fish Pisces
Great Square       body of Pegasus
Hyades             open cluster in Taurus (near but not including Aldebaran)
Keystone           four stars making the body of Hercules
Kids               small triangle of stars below Capella in Auriga
Little Dipper      Ursa Minor, from Polaris to Guardians
Northern Cross     Cygnus: head=Deneb, foot=Albireo
Pleiades           "seven sisters" open cluster NW from V of Taurus
Sickle             head of the lion Leo
Summer Triangle    map Deneb, Vega, Altair
Teapot             map in Sagittarius
Water Jar          four stars in northern Y of Aquarius
Winter Hexagon     map 8 bright stars