TABLE: The Constellations

 The Latin names and meanings of the official 88 
 constellations are given below.  The original 48 
 constellations of Ptolemy are indicated with an
 asterisk *. Ptolemy's constellation Argo the Boat
 was later divided into three parts (Carina,  
 Puppis, and Vela, which are noted).

Latin Name                  Meaning          

Andromeda *         And    Daughter of Cassiopeia, chained maiden   
Antlia              Ant    Air Pump       
Apus                Aps    Bird of Paradise   
Aquarius *          Aqr    Water-Bearer   
Aquila *            Aql    Eagle          
Ara *               Ara    Altar          
Aries *             Ari    Ram            
Auriga *            Aur    Charioteer     
Boötes *            Boo    Herdsman       
Caelum              Cae    Chisel         
Camelopardalis      Cam    Giraffe        
Cancer *            Cnc    Crab           
Canes Venatici      CVn    Hunting Dogs   
Canis Major *       CMa    Big Dog        
Canis Minor *       CMi    Little Dog     
Capricornus *       Cap    Sea Goat           
Carina *            Car    Keel (of Argo) 
Cassiopeia *        Cas    The Queen          
Centaurus *         Cen    Centaur        
Cepheus *           Cep    The King           
Cetus *             Cet    Whale          
Chamaeleon          Cha    Chameleon      
Circinus            Cir    Compasses      
Columba             Col    Dove           
Coma Berenices      Com    Berenice's Hair    
Corona Australis *  CrA    Southern Crown       
Corona Borealis *   CrB    Northern Crown      
Corvus *            Crv    Crow           
Crater *            Crt    Cup            
Crux                Cru    Southern Cross          
Cygnus *            Cyg    Swan           
Delphinus *         Del    Dolphin        
Dorado              Dor    Swordfish      
Draco *             Dra    Dragon         
Equuleus *          Equ    Little Horse   
Eridanus *          Eri    The River Eridanus      
Fornax              For    Furnace        
Gemini *            Gem    Twins          
Grus                Gru    Crane (bird)   
Hercules *          Her    The Son of Zeus    
Horologium          Hor    Clock          
Hydra *             Hya    The Water Snake (female)   
Hydrus              Hyi    The Water Snake (male)   
Indus               Ind    Indian (American)        
Lacerta             Lac    Lizard         
Leo *               Leo    Lion           
Leo Minor           LMi    Little Lion    
Lepus *             Lep    Hare           
Libra *             Lib    Balance (scale)       
Lupus *             Lup    Wolf           
Lynx                Lyn    Lynx           
Lyra *              Lyr    Lyre           
Mensa               Men    Table (mountain)       
Microscopium        Mic    Microscope     
Monoceros           Mon    Unicorn        
Musca               Mus    Fly            
Norma               Nor    Carpenter's Square      
Octans              Oct    Octant         
Ophiuchus *         Oph    Serpent-Bearer       
Orion *             Ori    The Hunter
Pavo                Pav    Peacock
Pegasus *           Peg    The Winged Horse
Perseus *           Per    The Rescuer of Andromeda
Phoenix             Phe    Phoenix
Pictor              Pic    Painter's Easel
Pisces *            Psc    Fishes
Piscis Austrinus *  PsA    Southern Fish
Puppis *            Pup    Stern (of Argo)
Pyxis               Pyx    Compass (Malus)
Reticulum           Ret    Reticle (net)
Sagitta *           Sge    Arrow
Sagittarius *       Sgr    Archer
Scorpius *          Sco    Scorpion
Sculptor            Scl    Sculptor's Workshop
Scutum              Sct    Shield
Serpens *           Ser    Serpent (head=Caput, tail=Cauda)
Sextans             Sex    Sextant
Taurus *            Tau    Bull
Telescopium         Tel    Telescope
Triangulum *        Tri    Triangle
Triangulum Australe TrA    Southern Triangle
Tucana              Tuc    Toucan
Ursa Major *        UMa    Great Bear
Ursa Minor *        UMi    Little Bear
Vela *              Vel    Sails (of Argo)
Virgo *             Vir    Maiden
Volans              Vol    Flying Fish
Vulpecula           Vul    Fox

In addition Ptolemy places stars in Aqua in Aquarius,
which is the eastern part of the modern constellation.