Compare: SC1 & Sky Maps p.3

The SC001 best displays the stars near the celestial equator -- the further from the celestial equator the greater the distortion. The region around the celestial poles (maximally far from the equator) would be quite distorted at hence are not included. The below figure displays how the SC001 stars are wrapped around our sky. Note that the SC001 is mostly useful for displaying the stars in the southern half of our sky.

The blue lines are the hour circles; one for each hour of RA. The purple lines are the diurnal circles out to dec=+60° (in steps of 15°). Note the "hole" in the sky map near the NCP (i.e., decs beyond +60°). These are not included on the SC001. Note that half of the SC001 stars are not above the horizon at the time displayed (about 8 pm on November 20). Some of the SC001 stars (those with decs more negative than -45°) are never in our Minnesota sky.