Click Quiz: eastern horizon

On the following several pages I'll ask you to locate a feature of a sky map by clicking on the sky map. If you've properly located the feature, you'll be taken to the next quiz question, if not you can try again. Help is provided, if you feel you need it. Hint: if you click and nothing happens, you're missing the correct location.

The results of this "quiz" are not graded or scored in any way. (A general word of warning: like everything on the web, your every click is recorded. I guess if I had nothing better to do I could go through the log files and "grade" your work. But unlike web quizzes assigned for class work at CSB/SJU, I'm not especially storing the results of this click quiz. Learn to be wary of any information you provide to a web page. "Big Brother" really can follow your every move on the web; computers enable him to sort through your every click and mine the minutiae for data.)

OK...Please click on the due eastern horizon!