Physics 370: Advanced Lab

Course Links

Syllabus (pdf)
Complete lab manual (pdf)
Canvas page for this course grades, etc. for this course.
Pre-course Survey


Unix Tutorial (pdf) Tutorial web site and files: science.txt and units-174.tar
Mathematica Tutorial (pdf) Ten Minute Tutorial
Rocket Lab (pdf and files for lab )
Magnetopause Lab (pdf, files for lab, and Space Physics links)
Torsion Pendulum (pdf)
Speed of Sound (pdf) and mathematica commands for Sound Analysis

Magnetopause Lab Links

The Community Coordinated Modelling Center (CCMC) - Space physics computer simulation site.

Rocket Links

Thrust Curves
A8 thrust curve
B6 thrust curve
NASA sites
Beginner's Guide to Model Rockets
Measured Altitude of a Model Rocket
Perfect Flite
St. John's Weather (instruments on Peter Engel Science Center Roof

Linux/Unix links

CSB/SJU Linux Web Site
Another CSB/SJU Linux Web Site
UNIX Tutorial for Beginners
Knoppix - bootable, Live-CD version of Linux that you can try out without installing
Debian GNU/Linux - if you are ready to take the Linux plunge, my personal favorite version
Ubuntu Linux - a slightly more user friendly version of Linux based on Debian
Horizon View - a program for running an entire Linux destop remotely on another computer.
PuTTY: a free Win32 telnet/ssh client - a nice, free ssh client for when you have to login to a Linux box from anywhere
Cygwin - Free Unix tools that run under MS-Windows